10 Dez 2019

Sarreliber, Transformação de Plásticos e Metais S.A.

Implementation of Sage ERP X3

Sarreliber, Transformacao de Plásticos e Metais S.A., is a company that produces parts and accessories for the automotive sector.

The company manages on average between 1000 to 1200 references per day and delivers to 92 different locations, mostly in Europe.

It currently has 560 employees and the group has a global turnover of 100 million euros.

In a demanding market where rigor and monitoring is increasingly expected by customers, Sarreliber relied on inCentea Wide for the development of technological tools, such as the Sage X3 software and the Shop Floor Follow-up, to allow them to have more control in management inventory planning, manufacturing processes and responsiveness in their production processes.

The Challenge

The registration of material references was carried out in paper format, which would later be entered into the computer system manually. This process hampered the management of reliable stocks, control and continuous production planning.

"We manage on average between 1000 to 1200 references / day. It was unthinkable, without the help of software such as sage X3, to manage this manually.

With this online integration of all computer movements, of all rejection records, it allows the logistics to be reactive and to give a better response to its customers."

Rosa Maria Rocha - Responsible for Sarreliber Logistics

The Partner

The choice of the inCentea Wide partner was based on the need for Sarreliber to have to adapt its software to Portuguese legislation, as well as the ability of inCentea Wide to understand the processes involved in Sarreliber's business, from integrating an order to shipping the product, by common language, which facilitated direct collaboration in the integration of the Sage X3 solution and the ability to present solutions to the company's challenges.

"It is a partner that understands a company's production, a logistical and productive flow and that manages to adapt Sage X3 to our specific need. "
Susy Fernandes - Financial Manager at Sarreliber

“We were delighted with the company. They have always responded to our needs. ”
Luís Redondo, Head of ERP at Sarreliber

The selection of sage X3 for the following reasons:

  • For the collection of reliable data and access in real time (identification of the machine, times, materials used / consumption, employee, etc .;)

  • For the technology involved in the Sage X3 solution, which is 100% online;

  • Due to the ability of ERP to integrate with vertical solutions specialized in its sector, such as Shop Floor.

    With Sage X3 and the factory floor, Sarreliber is able to have up-to-date information, better monitor the quality of accessories and detect defective parts on the production line in order to take the necessary measures in due time.


"Sage X3 has an integrated management that allows us to not only evaluate all costs and profits, but also to follow up. "
Susy Fernandes - Financial Manager at Sarreliber

"We gain in data reliability, we gain in speed and we gain in work instructions."
Luísa Gonçalves - Coordinator of Sarreliber's production teams


Company: Sarreliber, Transformação de Plásticos e Metais S.A.
Activity: Production of parts and accessories for the automotive sector
Location: Portugal, France, Mexico

Sarreliber, Transformação de Plásticos e Metais S.A.