17 Jul 2023

Business Intelligence & Reporting in Safic Alcan Portugal

Safic Alcan: From data analysis to strategic decision making with Business Intelligence & Reporting

Safic Alcan Portugal, a 44-year-old company specialized in the commercialization of chemical products, is a success story in the implementation of Business Intelligence & Reporting, which has boosted its data analysis and business decision-making.

The company is part of the Safic Alcan group, a global distributor of specialty chemicals with over 175 years of experience, which today is spread across 5 continents. Being a very dynamic group, which has had constant and sustained growth in the diversification of business areas and geographies, in innovation, sustainability, ethics and in the quality of its human resources, the organization recognized the need to obtain a versatile tool capable of extract insights from data analysis for management, which is why the company is using inCentea Wide's Business Intelligence & Reporting add-on on Sage 100C.

The Challenge

With the responsibility of developing the business and optimizing the efficiency of the operation in accordance with the group's strategy and principles, José Paiva, General Manager of Safic Alcan Portugal, indicated that, until this implementation, the company did not have a specific solution with similar functionalities.

"Although we had internal systems for collecting and analyzing data, we realized that we needed a more comprehensive and efficient tool to quickly extract valuable insights for control and decision making."
José Paiva - General Manager, Safic Alcan Portugal

The Partner

Safic Alcan Portugal chose inCentea Wide, a trusted longtime partner, to implement the Business Intelligence & Reporting add-on in Sage 100C. The solution brought significant benefits, including real-time reporting and analytics, providing a broader view of business operations and performance.

"inCentea Wide has been a valued partner for us, providing innovative solutions that help us gain a competitive advantage. The combination of inCentea Wide's BI add-on with Sage ERP allows us to have a more complete and integrated view of our business operations."
José Paiva - General Manager, Safic Alcan Portugal

“The support given by the inCentea Wide team, in the post-implementation of both the ERP and the BI, was and is excellent, with quick responses to our queries and continuous monitoring to ensure that we are making the most of the solution.”
José Paiva - General Manager, Safic Alcan Portugal

Reasons for choosing Business Intelligence (BI):

  • By capturing reliable data and accessing it in real time;
  • By allowing the identification of existing results and problems in the business in several areas: financial, logistical, distribution and asset operations;
  • Through the simple interface that allows to create reports and dashboards, analyze and share with teams;
  • Due to the solution's ability to integrate with ERP Sage;
  • Easy and quick implementation of the solution.

    The implementation of the add-on brought Safic Alcan Portugal a series of benefits and competitive advantages for analysis and strategic adjustments in the market where it operates.


“We now have access to real-time reports and analytics, allowing a deeper and more comprehensive view of our operations and business performance (...), helping to quickly identify areas for improvement and quickly make decisions based on hard data.”
José Paiva - General Manager, Safic Alcan Portugal


Company: Safic Alcan Portugal
Activity: Chemical products
Location: Maia, Porto | Portugal