Case Study A.J.Maias.SA
30 Mar 2024

Case Study A.J.Maias.SA

Sage ERP X3 Implementation

A.J.Maias, S.A., is a company in the bicycle industry and is currently the 3rd European bicycle manufacturer.

The company currently has a painting capacity of around 500 frames/hour and an assembly capacity of over 2000/day. It occupies a total covered area of ​​over 10,000 m², employing around 180 employees. 

With the increase in tools for this type of service, a large part of your business is devoted to the development of technologies, such as S3 software, which increases the flow of reliable insights about the product, performance of the stages of your business to the company's preferences and work product product on a cloud platform, secure and with mobile access to data.

The Challenge

In order to respond to the demands of the sector and its customers, A.J.Maias would need to increase a unified solution that would track orders and allow complete traceability of bicycles, as well as its logistics process.

"Every day, technology is more intrinsic to the process itself and assembly lines, as such, we have to have software that follows our growth. Sage X3 is a necessary tool to be able to have traceability in shop floor management."

Luís Santiago - Administrador, A.J.Maias.SA

The Partner

The choice of inCentea Wide as a partner was based on being a team with references and experience in the industry sector, in addition to its extensive ability to integrate the Sage X3 solution adapted to the business challenges of its customers.

"The relationship with the inCentea Wide team has been fantastic, communication is very easy and it can be done in a simple and open way, which leads us to faster results."
Rui Tavares - General Director A.J.Maias


“We have been asking for several developments at the same time and yet the inCentea Wide team has been able to respond.”
Rui Tavares - General Director A.J.Maias

Reasons for selecting sage X3: 

  • By capturing reliable data in real time (machine identification, times, materials used/consumptions, employee, etc.;);
  • By centralizing data in stock management;
  • Due to the ability of complete traceability of the product and its components (from the entry of the order, creation of the manufacturing order, etc.)
  • For the technology involved in the Sage X3 solution, as a 100% online web platform;
  • Due to the ERP's ability to integrate with vertical solutions specialized in its sector, such as inCentea Wide's Mobility and Shop Floor solution;
  • Due to the agility offered by the Sage X3 software in production flows.

    With Sage X3, A.J.Maias is now able to follow all the stages of bicycle production without failures in communication between the various departments, in order to respond to market requests and predict demanding scenarios for its decision-making.


Company: A.J.Maias S.A
Activity: Rim manufacturing, painting and assembly of bicycles
Location: Portugal

Case Study A.J.Maias.SA