Sage X3 for Cannabis

Sage X3 for Cannabis is a management solution designed specifically for companies in the medicinal cannabis industry to advance efficiently through the optimization of production, logistics, and financial processes.

Integrated system for all stages of the business

This solution allows for the management and consultation of all ongoing operations in a single system: cultivation management, extraction, and processing.

One of the key advantages of Sage X3 for Cannabis is inventory management. With this tool, it is possible to control stock accurately, ensuring that products are available when needed and avoiding unnecessary stock or shortages. Additionally, it is possible to track the movement and locations of products in real-time throughout the supply chain, from stock entry to customer delivery.

In compliance with regulations and EU's GACP and GMP guidelines

The system ensures quality, safety, and proper procedures for the cultivation, harvesting, drying, storage, and transportation of plants, as well as good hygiene and handling practices.

Financial control and production process optimization

Data visibility is a significant benefit of Sage X3 for Cannabis. With this tool, it is possible to have a comprehensive view of the company's financial and administrative information, such as budgets, reports, sales and purchase management. Additionally, it is possible to monitor and optimize production processes by identifying potential obstacles to make more informed decisions aimed at improving efficiency and reducing costs.

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