Other Solutions

Send automatic billing notices

This application allows you to send by email a notice of the due date of the pending document, as well as the sending of your client's account statement.

With the application you can:

  • Select the customer's Current Account portfolios as well as the contact for sending the email
  • Set the best date for sending emails
  • Preview documents due by the date you selected Automatic payments warning

Automatic payments warning

Do you need to send warnings to your suppliers when you clear invoices?

Do it automatically.

An application that does not require any user interaction because it runs in the background on your operating system and makes checks, in previously defined periods of time, searching for payments made.

If you find a payment that has not yet been communicated to your supplier, it is sufficient that the email is correctly filled in to Sage so that an email is sent to report that documents have been cleared.

Sending Due Receipts

Make the task of sending due receipts extremely fast and efficient.

The application of sending receipts of maturity allows the creation of the same ones in files of pdf format and their automatic sending to the email of each collaborator. It guarantees the element responsible for the treatment of salaries total security and a faster delivery of the receipts.