Smart Analytics+ Sage X3

Data analysis plays a crucial role in the success of business. In Smart Analytics, you can extract valuable insights by monitoring important metrics and identifying real-time business trends. This enables well-informed and targeted strategic decision-making, based on a comprehensive understanding of your organization's operations.

This is where the Smart Analytics comes in, as a powerful solution that allows you to bring data from various business analysis sources, enabling the creation, visualization, and sharing of customized reports, statistics, evaluations, and dashboards.

Analysis Sources:

One of the key advantages of the Smart Analytics is its ability to connect to multiple data sources. Regardless of where your data is stored - whether it's in Excel files or SQL databases - the Smart Analytics with Sage X3 software, allows you to easily integrate them into a single analysis environment.

Create Custom KPI Reports:

The Smart Analytics has the capability to create custom reports with KPIs that meet your company's specific needs, and obtain quick predictions and responses based on AI technology.