10 Ago 2020

inCentea Wide announces collaboration agreement with Adonix

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August 10, 2020 - inCentea Wide and Adonix establish a cooperation agreement. 

Following the global growth strategy of inCentea Wide, the technological consultant for management solutions SAGE X3 established a collaboration agreement with the company Adonix, recognized by SAGE as a strategic partner in Argentina, based in Buenos Aires.

“This partnership agreement with Adonix Argentina represents an important and safe step in the strategic development of inCentea Wide to further develop and lead the business in the Latin American market.

Sage ERP X3 is at the center of everything we do and, with this partnership, we are certain that it will allow us to respond to the needs of customers, sectors and industries we serve, both with information and technology, which contribute to the delivery of services and higher quality products with better cost-benefit. ” – comments Carlos Neves, manager of inCentea Wide Brazil.

The head of Adonix, Gabriela Perret also says that: “The collaboration agreement with inCentea Wide strengthens the positioning of Sage X3 in Latam. ADONIX provides 15 years of experience in the implementation of ERP in Spanish speaking companies, and inCentea Wide in the global view and expansion of business in other countries in the region.”.

Adonix's cooperation agreement with inCentea Wide Brazil complements the service portfolio, the geographic breadth of the companies and the profile of the team of professionals with the main objective of projecting a quick and efficient response to the challenges of its current and future customers, nationally and internationally.

Commenting on the integration, the president of the board of directors of inCentea, António Poças states that: “We always believe that in partnership we would be stronger and go further. This agreement with Adonix is ​​an example of this! We are sure of the benefits that we will achieve together. ”

Sage Latam (Latin America), in the voice of its managers Fabien Poggi, VP Digital & e-commerce and Rui Nogueira, Global Professional Services Director, reacted by saying:

“Congratulations to inCentea Wide and Adonix for this initiative!

We are very excited about this agreement, which presupposes the creation of a leading group and even stronger in consolidating our presence in Latin America! This agreement involves the collaboration of two major Sage partner companies worldwide. We are confident that together they will bring successful and very rapid progress to our expansion strategy. And above all, they are two partners with a long experience in Sage X3 and who will provide a formidable experience to our customers.”

With this cooperation agreement, Adonix and inCentea Wide Brazil present the best SAGE X3 offer for the Latin American market!

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About inCentea Wide

With 52 specialized Sage certifications and more than 20 years of experience in consulting and implementing information systems, inCentea Wide offers small, medium and large companies Sage Management solutions and other technological solutions that eliminate the complexity of running an international business and allow companies to simplify and monitor all steps of their business.

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About Adonix

Adonix began operating in Argentina in 2004. From the beginning it showed a strong position in the ERP market with real and consolidated projects, kept promises, trust in the team and respect for the client. In more than 15 years of constant growth in the national market, it multiplied the client portfolio, the billing and, above all, it has become the leading ERP for medium-sized industrial companies, reaching more than 1,000 Sage X3 users in Argentina. Adonix has successfully implemented its ERP in companies such as Nec, Deutz, Reginald Lee (Coca Cola), TA Gas Technology and Grupo Canale, among others.