8 Ago 2022

inCentea Wide and Késys, a French company of the Proxiteam Group, establish a partnership.

The agreement aims collaboration between the two companies in approaching the French market for the rollout development of Sage ERP X3 solutions.

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This important event confirms the experience and know-how of inCentea Wide in the Sage X3 domain at international projects.

To consolidate the terms of the partnership, we received a visit from the Késys representative, Christophe Cardoso. The meeting took place at the inCentea headquarters in Leiria with Rui Silva and João Barbosa, the inCentea Wide international directors.
"This is an important step towards our recognition in the French market, Késys is an important partner with a lot of potential in the French market", says João Barbosa.

The inCentea Wide's internalization process has allowed it to expand its skills in multi-country companies and ally itself with strategic partners with a strong presence in Portugal, Spain, France, Mozambique and Brazil.

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