11 Jan 2019
WALL, the New Customer Support Area

A new way to communicate with you


This is a platform that delivers a simpler, intuitive, and social support experience that enables equally fast and efficient interaction with the inCentea Wide for Sage support issues..

Visit the New Customer Support Area at https://wall.incentea.com


How to access WALL

To receive your Password you must:  

1- Click on the phrase "Recover Password";

2- Write in the "email" field the address where you received this announcement and click on the phrase "Retrieve";

3- After this process you will receive in your mailbox an email with your "password", which should be kept in a safe place. (if you do not receive it within one hour you should contact 808 200 114);

From that moment you can access the Customer Support Area with the data provided.

We are available to clarify any situation that you deem pertinent through the contact 808 200 114 or info.pt@incentea-wide.com.