12 Mai 2023
Sage Mid -market Customer Day 2023

inCentea Wide won two prestigious awards, Top Reseller NCA FY22 and Top Revenue

Yesterday, on May 11th, the annual Sage Mid-Market Customer Day was held at Estufa de Monsanto in Lisbon. The event brought together clients and partners of the Sage Mid-Market segment, where Sage X3 and XRT are included, to learn about the latest news and future of this market.

One of the highlights of the event was the recognition of inCentea Wide, which won two prestigious awards. The first one is the Top Reseller NCA FY22, which was won for the second consecutive year. This award is one of the most important awards of Sage and is given to the partner with the most Enterprise clients acquired in the fiscal year of Sage 2022. The second award is the Top Reseller Volume FY22, which recognizes inCentea Wide as having the highest sales volume.

The event featured Robert, VP Global Product and Head Sage X3, and other Top Managers from Iberia and Portugal. Clients shared their challenges and how Sage products helped them overcome them. The product Road Map was presented, with a focus on optimizing usability, adaptability to processes, mobility, and incorporating the latest technologies.

Additionally, Fabricio Nobre and Abilio Veiga presented to the audience the solution Cannabis Vertical Medical - Sage X3 . They gave an overview of the product, covering the entire process from seed-to-sale, as well as the quality and cross-functional features of the solution. The presentation highlighted the benefits of the Sage X3 solution for businesses in the medical cannabis industry, including its ability to streamline operations and ensure compliance with regulations. 

inCentea Wide expressed gratitude to everyone for their support and especially congratulated our team for winning the awards. 

In summary, the Sage Mid-Market Customer Day was a great success event, with informative presentations and valuable networking opportunities for clients and partners in the mid-market segment. The event reaffirmed the importance of Sage's products and the company's commitment to continually improving their software for their clients. 

It was also great to see familiar faces from Sage and companies that inCentea Wide has established good relationships with at the event.