31 Jan 2024
Compliance and Regulation in the Cannabis Industry

One of the major challenges in managing the Cannabis industry is compliance. Companies must adhere to a set of protocols and regulations to comply with laws related to the cultivation, distribution, and use of Cannabis products. This includes safety standards, quality control, and regulations regarding the medicinal use of Cannabis. Ensuring that all procedures are followed throughout various stages is crucial to maintaining the legality and integrity of the business.

Obtaining a license is the essential first step to starting a legal and secure business. This involves thorough research on the regulations and specific requirements governing the Cannabis industry in Portugal. All licensing applications are assessed by relevant authorities, such as INFARMED, with strict inspections, particularly focusing on safety standards. The licensing process in the Cannabis industry in Portugal is time-consuming, taking several months. During inspections, authorities meticulously examine all aspects of the business, from security to cultivation, production, and distribution. Any non-compliance can delay or hinder the licensing process.

Choosing the right location for the business is one of the most critical aspects of obtaining a license. Before selecting a location, it's essential to understand local regulations related to the industry and check specific zones where operations are allowed. Facilities must meet specific requirements, including security measures, access control, and storage requirements.

Quality Standards
Ensuring high-quality standards is a key part of the licensing process. The quality of Cannabis products is vital for consumer safety and business success. Therefore, it's crucial to subject products to rigorous laboratory testing, checking for quality, purity, and potency. These tests typically include analyses of active compounds like THC and CBD, as well as detecting contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals, and microbes.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
Good practices are guidelines to be followed during the production process, ensuring hygienic, safe, and controlled production. Procedures cover everything from cultivation to harvest and from processing to product packaging. Products must be packaged according to specified standards, including labeling requirements informing consumers about THC and CBD content, expiration date, and other relevant information.

Equipment and Maintenance
In the Cannabis industry, lighting, irrigation, ventilation, and security equipment play a crucial role in product production, processing, and quality control. Proper maintenance of this equipment is essential to ensure continuous quality and compliance with standards. Additionally, companies must be prepared for regular audits by regulatory authorities to verify quality standards.

Monitoring and Traceability
Choosing an effective traceability system is crucial for monitoring and documenting the life cycle of products. The system should ensure monitoring the origin of each batch, cultivation and harvest dates, as well as all processing and distribution stages. This record is essential for identifying any quality issues that may arise.

Expert Consultation
To ensure compliance, it's crucial for companies to consult experts with in-depth knowledge of industry regulations, trends, and specific challenges. This ensures building a solid and reliable operation.

Sage X3 for Cannabis - A Comprehensive Solution for Your Business
Managing cultivation, extraction, and processing - all in one solution.

With market knowledge gained from SAGE implementations in the Cannabis industry, inCentea Wide's team of experts has developed a solution that covers all stages of your operations, from seed to sale, meeting all regulatory requirements and compliance along the way.

The Sage X3 for Cannabis ensures operational compliance, following EU-GMP and EU-GACP best practices specific to the Cannabis industry. It integrates all cultivation and production processes, providing a 360º view of your business for world-class traceability and control, enabling rigorous monitoring of product quality.

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